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A Prayer for Trans Children

This prayer is an excerpt from my forthcoming Prayers from the Caribbean: Injury, Struggle and Liberation.

God of Leah,

Whom ancient Rabbis believed changed sex as a child,

Be with all children

who embody a truth

beyond the flaps and folds

that others see.

Help young ones have

the support they need

to communicate their wisdom

to their elders.

Help their elders

find ways to put

love before their

fears and doubts.

May the world learn to

care less about

the private parts of others.

Ensure all bathroom spaces are safe.

Eliminate the fear that causes


and avoidance of self care.

Most of all,

help trans children

get the chance to be children.


fabulous children

who never stop imagining

a world with an endless capacity

to love all their dreams.


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