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Grief Without Groups - COVID-19 Preparation

Common Fears and Information Needed:

*Fears about dying alone - compounded by visitor restrictions at hospitals, nursing homes and hospice facilities

*Fears about honoring wishes

*Fears about not saying goodbye

*Fears about talking about death

How Trauma and Emergencies Effect Grief:

*Memories in a separate part of your brain

*Write things down in big font

*Stages of grief – paying particular attention to denial (lack of visual confirmation) and anger

Additional Considerations and Preparation Suggestions:

*Wishes made by the deceased and any prepaid arrangements with funeral homes

*Health and safety of those grieving

*Applicable laws and the difference between Medical Examiners and Coroners

*Ages of those who mourn

*Involving children - or the inability to have alone time from children during self quarantines

*Start collecting art and poetry

*Get self care, in preparation

*Learn about history and other times this has happened

Options for Modified Funerals and Grieving:

*Video funerals

*Delaying funerals (only available in communities with adequate storage options)

*Creating a home altar

*Finding ways to remember with all of your senses

*Having a container for grief and a place to mourn

*Possible graveside rites with small numbers of people

Links to Additional Resources:

*Death Investigations: Learn the Difference Between Medical Examiners and Coroners (explicit language warning)

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