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Prayer for the Fabulous

from the forthcoming Prayers from Philadelphia: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


who cloaked Joseph

in an amazing technicolor,


princess dress,

You knit our cells together

while we were incubating

in our mother’s womb.

You wove fabulousness into each and every cell.

You stitched bravery into our marrow.

You put courage in the beating of our hearts.

You counted and shaped the number of hairs on our head.

Our love is strong

so that we can not only

survive injustice,

but continue to

love even the neighbors

that withhold cake.

You gave us a vision to tailor

a more beautiful world,

full of vibrant color,

ocean safe glitter

and enough self-esteem to empower

those who hid their light

to strut with confidence.

You filled our tongues

with highly evolved taste buds

that have at times settled for less

than the nutrient rich, fresh produce

that we deserve.

You surround us with a cloud of witnesses

provoking us to live our fullest,

most fabulous life.

Help me to embrace my fabulous.

Help me to live my fabulous.

Help me to embody fabulous,

forever and ever,


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