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A Prayer for Mass Shootings

This prayer is published in Prayers From Iceland

God of healing and grief,

We know that light dawns in a weary world,

but we are too numb to notice it today.

Regardless, we pray mightily,

during this time when no words can salve our ache.

Protect our hearts,

we are too broken and exhausted.

Sit with us when we are overwhelmed

help us to endure

the waiting,

the media,

the investigating,

those eavesdropping on our tragedy,

those making this tragedy about themselves,

those who say offensive things trying to help

and everything else that will bug us.

help us to care for ourselves

mind, body, spirit and psyche,

to remember to eat,

to sleep when we can,

to make the healthiest choices available,

to accept help when we need it

and to say “no” when we need to

help us to lean into hope, light and love,

to cherish our life and live it fully,

to advocate for others who are vulnerable,

to eventually transform anger into medicine

and to prevent days like this

from ever happening again

We are angry that Your healing hand

was unable to prevent this tragedy.

We demand Your unending streams of justice come again,


to repair what was broken

Provide wisdom, safety and love to all the first responders.

Guide the hands of nurses, doctors and coroners

who are caring for those who were injured or died.

Mend our community,

knit us together into a kin-dom of loving kindness,

unite us in mutual support of one another

and help us to breathe together

when there is nothing else we can do.

Above all, be with us today and every day


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