Trans-Substantiation Service

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The First Cycle: Creation

A lino cut print of the surgical division of Adam and Eve by Megan Rohrer

Welcome and Intention Setting

Rev. Dr. Megan Rohrer



sub·​stan·​ti·​ate | \ səb-ˈstan(t)-shē-ˌāt \

substantiated; substantiating

Definition of substantiate

transitive verb

1: to give substance or form to : EMBODY

2: to establish by proof or competent evidence : VERIFY

The service begins with a brief introduction to Trans The*logy[1] Without Apology.

In this space all of you is welcome. If you have ever been told that you are anything less than a child of G*d, I am sorry. In this space you are invited to proclaim any name (in your heart or out loud) you’d like to be called.

We celebrate our many names.

Name tags are available for those who would like to share their name with others.

Like us, the Divine also knows many names. We celebrate the use of any and all names from the sacred that kindle your faith. In Genesis it is written that humans were made male AND female in the image of a multigendered G*d. In this space the words you use to express your gender are important to us.

We celebrate our preferred gender pronouns.

Pins are available for those who would like to share their pgp’s with others.

In this space, we honor bodies of all sizes, shapes and abilities. You are encouraged to care for your body by wiggling, moving, sharing your boundaries and going to the bathroom when needed. Downstairs (out the doors at the front of the sanctuary) we have two bathrooms. The first is a single-stall gender neutral bathroom. The second is labelled “ladies room” and has two stalls. All are welcome to use the restroom of their choice.

Please take a moment to become fully present in this sacred space. Settle your hearts and minds as much as you are able.

Participants breathe and center.

A singing bowl is sounded three times.


Everchanging G*d,

Puberty is hard when it is done in the company of peers

It is even harder as a solo journey.

Provide me with the strength to love myself

as I transgress the middle spaces.

Protect me from others

who will use my vulnerabilities

as a weapon against me.

Surgery is always hard.

It is even harder when

friends and family,

political leaders

and the world at large

does not understand.

Provide me with the strength to love myself

as I heal

not only my body,

but also my heart and mind.

Help me to rest more than I think