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How to Show an LGBTQIA Individual that You Love Them

Some of the steps featured in the video include:

Step 1: Honor their self identifications

Ask people how they identify or simply listen to the words that people use to describe themselves and use their own words. Learn more by reading An Ally's Guide to Terminology - GLAAD

Step 2: Say "tell me more about that" so people can tell you about what is important to them and share about themselves within their own comfort level.

Step 3: Educate yourself.

Learn more about the way LGBTQ individuals have been harmed and those who are heroes within the community.

Step 4: Be a cheerleader

Cheer for others and root for them whenever you can.

Step 5: Tell them you love them.

If you mean it, say it. But be sure to be clear if you are or are not talking about romantic love.

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