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That time I was in Cosmo

I was in Wittenberg, Germany returning from the church where Martin Luther posted the 95 thesis when this video went viral. Earlier in the day I visited Martin Luther's House, where one of my books had been on display for the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation celebration. I share the context of this video, so that anyone who has been lied to and told that God could not love them for any reason, may know that beyond my words of welcome in this video - there is a greater Lutheran church that is changing in very noticeable ways.

As someone who is grateful for the change, but sometimes gets grumpy that those who hurt me have never apologized, I will also apologize to anyone who needs to hear the words.

I am sorry that people and faith spaces hurt you. I am sorry you were treated with anything less than the full welcome and love of God that you deserve. You are a beautiful work in progress!

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